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Iron Body: Workout like the Gods, Goddesses of Olympus

The ultimate fitness workout guide for men who want to stay lean and gain muscle and women who want a toned butt and a bikini ready body.

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Streetwise Extreme: Surviving the Unexpected

The methods and tactics presented in this book are based on 40 years of learning, practicing, teaching, researching, training based self-defense.

Rainy Days are cheat days for everyone but writers
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Here’s Why Rainy Days Are Cheat Days For Everyone But Writers

Rainy days are cheat days for everyone but writers.

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Let’s do a Tarzan Broadway Writing Prompt

Today’s writing prompt is to create an elevator pitch for “Tarzan.”

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What is NaNoWriMo?

National Novel Writing Month is around the corner and writers everywhere are gearing up to participate in it.

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POLL: Why Do People Read?

Why do people read?

A simple question with a complicated answer.

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You Know You’re A Writer When…

It’s easy to say, “I’m a writer,” but how do you know if you really are one?

Well, we’ve compiled a list to help you figure it out.

El Atentado Del Siglo A Fidel Castro by Frank Marchante
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El Atentado Del Siglo A Fidel Castro

Basado en una historia real, un hombre de la CIA infiltrado en Cuba con una misión para ajusticiar a Fidel Castro, un hombre con un dedo en el gatillo de su arma puede cambiar la historia…..

Protector by Michelle Marchante
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15 year old Sakura has to deal with a hereditary transformation which only takes place when the Earth is in great danger. Looking to her ancestors for guidance and training, and keeping it secret from loved ones, she prepares to go fight the threat.