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Magazine editor answers 5 FAQ’s on submitting short fiction and poetry

Elise Holland, the editor of 2 Elizabeths, provides insight on how writers should submit their short fiction and poetry to literary magazines and journals.

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The Writer’s Guide to Hurricanes

We’ve gone ahead and created our own list of things every writer should do when faced with a hurricane.

Taylor Swift's "Look What You made Me Do" can be writing inspiration for characters
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Writing Tunes: Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”

Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” with its throbbing-bass rhythm, pointed steel-like lyrics, and alluringly scalding music video has earned it a spot in our writing tunes library.

The Great American Eclipse 2017
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Writing Prompt: Solar Eclipse of the Pen

Did you see the Great American eclipse Monday, August 21? If you didn’t, we gotta ask, what Galaxy are you in?

But, if you did, and are still reeling from the wonders of space like we are, then this writing prompt is for you!

Book hangovers are real and book lovers are always in this endless cycle.
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Book Hangovers: Yes, They’re A Thing

You know that feeling you get when you can’t bring yourself to start a new book because you’re not emotionally ready yet?

Yeah, that’s called a book hangover.

And don’t worry, we’ve felt it too.

How is dreaming and creative writing connected?
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The process of dreaming and creative writing

Ideas can come from anywhere and we mean anywhere but while surfing the web we came across a beautiful and well-written post by Kathryn Graves, a writer and speaker,  on where she believes her story inspiration comes from.

El Atentado Del Siglo A Fidel Castro by Frank Marchante
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El Atentado Del Siglo A Fidel Castro

Basado en una historia real, un hombre de la CIA infiltrado en Cuba con una misión para ajusticiar a Fidel Castro, un hombre con un dedo en el gatillo de su arma puede cambiar la historia…..

Protector by Michelle Marchante
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15 year old Sakura has to deal with a hereditary transformation which only takes place when the Earth is in great danger. Looking to her ancestors for guidance and training, and keeping it secret from loved ones, she prepares to go fight the threat.