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How is dreaming and creative writing connected?
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The process of dreaming and creative writing

Ideas can come from anywhere and we mean anywhere but while surfing the web we came across a beautiful and well-written post by Kathryn Graves, a writer and speaker,  on where she believes her story inspiration comes from.

What is your favorite social media platform to connect with readers?
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POLL: What is Your Favorite Way To Communicate With Readers?

When you find yourself wanting to share something with your readers, whether it’s a thought you had, an excerpt of your new novel or the next stop in your book tour, what’s your go-to sharing platform?

Great friends are like books: They're always there.
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Books and friends are similar

You know you’re a book lover when you consider books to be your friends. At least we do. Is that a little strange? Maybe it is, but just think about it.

Use the sights and sounds around you for your writing inspiration when traveling
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Traveling helps find writing inspiration

Traveling can help you find writing inspiration and improve your craft.

How to get your book in a bookstore
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Tips for authors who want to see their book in a bookstore

Getting your book on the shelf can be difficult. But, this is where self-promoting comes in.

Fireworks exploding in a multitude of beautiful colors in the night sky
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Writing Prompt: Fireworks

Fireworks are loud, colorful and enthralling, with different patterns, different sounds, you name it, they have it. So, why don’t you use them as inspiration in the following writing prompt:

El Atentado Del Siglo A Fidel Castro by Frank Marchante
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El Atentado Del Siglo A Fidel Castro

Basado en una historia real, un hombre de la CIA infiltrado en Cuba con una misión para ajusticiar a Fidel Castro, un hombre con un dedo en el gatillo de su arma puede cambiar la historia…..

Protector by Michelle Marchante
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15 year old Sakura has to deal with a hereditary transformation which only takes place when the Earth is in great danger. Looking to her ancestors for guidance and training, and keeping it secret from loved ones, she prepares to go fight the threat.