Rainy days are cheat days for everyone but writers.

While most people will use a rainy day as an excuse to sleep in, read a book or binge-watch the latest Netflix show, rain is a writer’s alarm clock.

Writing and procrastination go hand-in-hand but once the raindrops start, the excuses end.

There is no better time for a writer to work. Locked in the house, with the rhythmic pat pat pat of the rain on your window, you can curl up on the couch with your laptop, a steaming mug of coffee, hot chocolate or even a glass of wine, and just write.

Rain can add a romantic mood to any scene.
Rain can be used to add different moods to a scene. In this photo, the rain emphasizes the romance of the scene. Photo by Joel Overbeck/Unsplash

While rain is sometimes linked to depression or sadness, it can also be linked to imagination. The world looks different through a rain-tinted window. It could look scary, lonely, romantic, ethereal or even like an unknown land; a perfect setting for your next story.

Writing is a full-time job but most writers only have the option of writing part-time. This is why rainy days are perfect.

Use these days to write
full-time and then plan part-time writing hours for the other days.

And if you’re lucky, you might write “The End” on one of these rainy days.

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Feature Image by Anjana Menon/Unsplash

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