Suffering from writer’s block? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and wait it out and sometimes you just need to find some inspiration elsewhere.

Like fireworks.

A drone flies around different fireworks exploding in the night sky


Fireworks are loud, colorful and enthralling, with different patterns, different sounds, you name it, they have it. So, why don’t you use them as inspiration in the following writing prompt:

It’s the big night. The night everyone has been waiting for. The night your character has been waiting for. Lights glinting in the trees, the chairs and tables are perfectly arranged, the dancers are rehearsed and waiting to take the stage. And once the clock chimes twelve, fireworks will blaze the sky. But the truck with the fireworks is running late.

And this event can’t end without fireworks. What type of event is this and what will your character do? How will they stall the crowd? An impromptu comedy act? An improvised speech? Magic tricks? A confession of love? Or will they do nothing and let the event crash and burn?

You decide and let us know in the comments below what path your character will take.

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What do you think?