Writing is a passion.

And we know better than anyone that it’s not as solitary as people tend to think.

In fact, it’s not solitary at all.

There is an entire community of writers out there, just waiting to talk and collaborate.

There is an entire community of writers waiting to help each other out.

There is an entire community of writers just waiting to be published and there is an entire community of readers just waiting to find you.

The Internet is a busy place, with so many ideas jumping around, it’s hard to get your voice heard. But, that’s why we’re opening up our blog to guest posts.

We want to help you get your voice heard. We want to help you share your tips and tricks for writing with others, your thoughts on writing, publishing, writing prompts, whatever it is that relates to our community (Writers, Readers, Publishers, Editors)

We want to hear it and we know our readers do too.

So check out our guidelines below and send us your work! We can’t wait to read it.


-Our blog’s audience is predominately writers and readers so content must relate to the following topics: writing, books, editing, and publishing.

-All posts should be sent to us in the body of an e-mail to editors@graspublishing.com

-Posts must be written in English and be your own original material. While we prefer material specifically written for us, we will accept posts written on your personal blog/website as long as we can publish the entire post and not just an excerpt.

Posts specifically written for us can be published elsewhere as long as you mention somewhere in the post that it originally appeared on graspublishing.com and provide a link to our post.

-Posts will be edited, however, please double-check spelling and grammar before submitting.

-Each post should include your name (or pen name) and a short bio that will appear at the bottom of your article along with a link to your website or one of your social media accounts.

-Original multimedia components such as photos, graphics, video or audio (podcasts) are encouraged but not required. GIF’s and Memes are allowed as long as you give credit. Multimedia should be sent through Google Drive.

If you would like to use a photo that is not yours, you must make sure it falls under Creative Commons (meaning it can be used for both commercial and non-commercial use) and provide credit (normally through a link). Credit must also be provided for videos and podcasts that are not created by you.

-No self-promotional material is allowed in the content of your blog. What does this mean? You cannot write a book review about your own book, write a post that is meant to convince people to purchase or download your book or any other item or service you can make profit from. This includes publishing, editing or design services.

Please keep in mind that we are unable to provide monetary compensation for guest posting opportunities but your contributions will be greatly appreciated by our readers, ourselves and will give you a great source of exposure.

Due to the volume of submissions, Gras Publishing is unable to publish every post we receive but we will notify you of acceptance in a week. If you do not hear from us then you may submit it elsewhere.

Please make sure to refer to our Privacy, Terms & Disclaimers page as well.


Image courtesy of Corinne Kutz