You know you’re a book lover when you consider books to be your friends. At least we do. Is that a little strange? Maybe it is, but just think about it. Sure, they’re inanimate objects but they’re inanimate objects that somehow, someway, never fail to come alive.

I mean, they’re always there for you. They can make you laugh, cry, swoon, and even make you so frustrated you just want to scream, but at the end of the day, it always works out because you love them. Now, doesn’t that sound like friendship? We think so.

Everyone has that friend who is always up for adventure. Hell, everyone has that friend who is the adventure. Whenever you hang out with them, you never know what to expect. Some days they keep it simple: movies, shopping, and brunch at the cute little café down the street where the cute wait staff is.

But then next time you meet, it’s a complete 360 and they’ve somehow convinced you to go extreme zip lining or to visit the “hip, cool” neighborhood over an hour away for the party nightlife.

You’re probably thinking about someone in particular right now, we are too, but we’re also thinking, “hey, that sounds like a book.”

And doesn’t it?

Books are filled with adventures (and we’re not just talking about adventure novels). Every page is filled with something new, and the more you progress in the story, the more you learn, the more you uncover, the more you connect with the characters and the plot.

But friendships, like stories, don’t always last. Sometimes it happens abruptly and other times it happens without you even realizing it. You start talking less, you don’t make plans as often and before you know it, you’re acquaintances with memories.

Stories are the same. They eventually come to a close and can leave you feeling sad and unsure of what to do with yourself. After all the time and energy, after all that investment you put into the lives of these characters you’ve come to know better than yourself, it’s all over, done, in a few final pages.

You might feel satisfied: The story finished at the right time, just like some friendships phase out of your life at the right moment because well, you outgrew each other, but other times, you wish more existed. You can’t imagine only having memories to look back on.

But friendships can rekindle.

It might be months– years– before you reunite. The friendship doesn’t feel the same, things have changed, they’ve changed, you’ve changed. Growth has happened, life has taken its course, but somehow, you reunite and even though it’s different, it’s the good kind of different.

Just like books.

You accidentally stumble across the novel you adored back in high school and its been years, but for old times sake, you decide to read it. The story is alive as ever, it’s familiar, but different at the same time. You imagine the characters slightly different, you find yourself enjoying different aspects of the story you never paid attention to in the past, and you finish it with a different appreciation.

True friendships never die.

And books will never die.

Because books are true, books are there and books are friends.

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Featured image courtesy of  Ben White

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