Writing isn’t always easy.

Sometimes it’s extremely difficult, especially when you have the itch to write but you just can’t seem to get into the right “zone.”

Everyone is different and everyone has their own unique way of getting into their writing groove but one of our favorite ways is by using music.

Like our recent writing prompt demonstrated, songs are great tools for a writer. Not only do they help inspire scenes but they help create mood.

Need help writing romance?

Listen to a love song.

Need help writing a fast-paced action scene?

Find something like the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme song!

Despite popular belief, music is not just an auditatory experience, it can transcend from sound to paper quite easily and this is something writers should be aware of.

And you know who else thinks like us?

A teenage blogger named Vivian!

In her post, she shares her go-to playlist for writing, but before you head on over to her post, share with us in the comments below what your go-to song is!

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here’s my writer’s playlist:


    • Birdy’s music is perfect writing music. Some songs are warm, others are stark. All are calming and beautiful. Birdy is who I listened to when I won NanoWrimo.
  • Oh Wonder’s self-titled album.
    •  Everything I said about Birdy applies to Oh Wonder.
  • Lorde’s Pure Heroine
    • Lorde’s music is perfect for writing tense action scenes. If you are a super easily distracted writer, Lorde might not be for you, because her lyrics are so intricate you might want to listen to them instead of writing. But if you have a tendency to zone out after a while, like me, she’s perfect for absorbing a suspenseful and witty mood.

I usually just listen to these three albums, so I know what’s coming up next and am not taken out of the zone each time a new song plays.


  • Magic by Ben Kweller
    • You are a writer and therefore magic. Bonus points if you’re writing a fantasy novel.

via My Writing Playlist: Songs to Listen To Before, During, and After Writing — Writing With Style


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