Our latest writing prompt is for all you dog lovers out there.

Dogs are furry, sweet, loyal and adorably cute, too cute actually. They’re like babies but what would your dog say if they could speak?

For this writing prompt, you’ll have a dog, a doggy stroller and a doggy Halloween costume of your choice.

Now, what would your dog tell you if they suddenly gained the power to speak?

Would they love the costume? Would they hate it? Would they like being in a stroller? Do they find it weird that you talk to them with a voice reserved for babies?

If a dog could talk, would they say
Image by Michelle Marchante/GrasPublishing

“What gibberish are you speaking?”

Would that be something your dog would tell you? Or would they finally explain why they just can’t stand your latest beau?

Disclaimer, it’s probably because they’re a cat person.

Maybe they think you don’t spend enough time with them or maybe they think you spend too much time with them.

“Seriously? Get a job and go exercise, you’re gaining some weight there!”

Whatever it is you think your pup would tell you, this writing prompt should only take you 10-15 minutes so snuggle up to your favorite companion and get to writing!

And once you’re done, let us know in the comments below what your doggy told you!

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