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You’ll discover how to:

Men: Go from fat or skinny to being muscular. Build a bullet proof fighter body, stay lean and hard, combine cardio and weight training, accelerate muscle grow, GH and steroids, nutrition advice. Gain massive 25 pounds of muscle. No special equipment required. The hard gainer solution.

Women: Become lean; obtain a bikini, tight, sexy body with a toned butt and lean legs. Shape your body at any age. Goodbye to diets and calories. Secrets for beauty. Vanish cellulite! No special equipment is needed.

Included are isometric exercises, jogging, sprinting, Power Twister, Strands/Spring Expander, band exercises, Aerobics-Calisthenics-Fat-Burning Furnace, gym rules, how to choose one, Heavy Duty, Mass Training, Force Reps, Pyramid System, Intensity, Down the Rack, Hammer and Sled Workout, Medicine Ball, Flip Tires, Overhead Weight, Bucket Walks, Crawling, etc.

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