Protector by Michelle Marchante

This book is out of print.

It’s tough starting high school.

Everybody deals with classes, friends, and crushes but 15 year old Sakura has more on her plate: She has to deal with a hereditary transformation which only takes place when the Earth is in great danger.

Looking to her ancestors for guidance and training, and keeping it secret from loved ones, she prepares to go fight the threat: Master and his Minions in hopes of saving her planet.

Her heart also has another dilemma: Austin or Roy? Who will she choose?

The clock is ticking.

Will she be able to find the strength and courage needed to save the world from total destruction?

Will she ever make up her mind between Austin and Roy?

An intriguing tale of adventure, danger, romance, and a little thing called high school!

For every book sold a donation will be made to a wildlife foundation.

“Great book by a talented young author! The author is a true animal lover. For every book sold a donation is made to a wildlife foundation. :)”— Sara, Amazon Reviewer

“I thought this book was amazing!! I could not stop reading it. The book is filled with adventure, fantasy and romance. Anyone who loves action-packed adventures will love this book!”— Rosy, Amazon Reviewer

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