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Gras Publishing operates under its web host company’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service umbrella but also has these additional disclaimers:

Disclaimer On External Links:

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Disclaimer on Writers, Comments, Content & Copyright:

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Any content, unless otherwise specified, as far as Gras Publishing knows is the writer’s original material and while Gras Publishing strives to have the most truthful and accurate information possible in its posts, Gras Publishing cannot guarantee the complete accuracy, completeness, honesty or factuality of its posts.

Disclaimer on Re-Publishing/Re-Printing Content:

NOTE: The following disclaimer excludes Shares and re-blogging(Press This button). Any content that is found on Gras Publishing is allowed to be shared or re-blogged without notification but must give credit to Gras Publishing. While we request a pingback, if possible, it is not required. The following disclaimer only applies to print publications or other online publications that do not want (or are unable to use) the Press This button.

Gras Publishing holds the right to distribute any content that is published on this website in any medium (web, social media, print, etc.) for the purpose of exposing more readers to the original content that was submitted to us at anytime.

Writers who have written blog posts for Gras Publishing are permitted to post or print these blogs elsewhere but must give credit to Gras Publishing, either through a credit e.g. originally appeared/was published by Gras Publishing or if online, with a link to our original article.

Other publications are also permitted to post or print content if it is under the author, Gras Publishing, but must send us a notification with information such as the title of the post, where it will be published/reprinted, when, and a link to the published material if applicable. If you wish to publish/reprint a blog post found on our website that clearly states it is written by someone other than Gras Publishing, please contact us so we may request permission.