There’s just something about seeing a classic story performed on a stage live isn’t there?

Costumes, backdrops, props, hours of rehearsal…so much preparation is needed! Unlike movies, resources for broadway shows and plays are limited, and yet, they’re able to take our breaths away.

We recently saw the Broadway musical “Tarzan,” for example, and it left us wondering, how was a story full of wild jungle animals and a romance between a wild man and a civilized lady from England pitched?


So today’s 3-5 minute writing prompt is to create an elevator pitch for “Tarzan.” You’re pitching it to an Academy Award winning producer who has never heard, read or seen anything about Tarzan before.

Your challenge starts now! Go!

Once you’re done creating your pitch, share it with us in the comments below and if you like what you read and want to see more, subscribe to our email list for more thoughts, quotes and writing prompts or follow us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.


Featured Image is a photo of Tarzan: The Stage Musical Amaturo Theatre Playbill taken by Michelle Marchante/Gras Publishing.



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