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The Internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

It’s an endless digital web of knowledge, connections and memes.

The World Wide Web has certainly made it easier for people to share their thoughts, hopes and fears with others and make connections with people they never would have had the chance to meet.

Its been especially useful for writers and readers alike. You now have an endless canvas for your digital storytelling life, through blogs, fanfiction and tweets, but, like all good things, there is a dark side to this instantaneous publishing.

What if you accidentally publish something you didn’t mean to publish?

Well, hopefully you can take it down but either way, the worst has happened.

Someone could have seen something you weren’t ready to show.

But there is humor to be found in this mishap.

And blogger Millie Schmidt perfectly captured it in her blog post, “The nine stages of accidentally publishing an article.”

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Here’s an excerpt:

1. You hear a little ‘ping’ on your phone notifying you that your scheduled post has been successfully published.



2. But the full magnitude of your predicament doesn’t dawn on you straight away. Instead, you see another notification happily informing you that a grand total of nine people have liked your post. You are super chilled about getting likes – as always.

wow cat


3. But then, the Jon-Snow-just-died horror sets in. It’s a devastation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. An article has gone live on your blog and you hadn’t even finished it.


via “The nine stages of accidentally publishing an article,” by Millie Schmidt



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