Ah, Writer’s Block, it’s a horrible feeling.

But, have no fear, here is a writing prompt to get you out of your rut:

Gras Publishing Writing Prompt: Turn on the radio and write a story, based on the song that is playing, using your characters.
Graphic by Michelle Marchante/Gras Publishing

Turn on the radio.

What song is playing? Jot it down.

OK, now that you’re hearing a tune, turn on your computer or open your notebook.

And based on the song that is playing, write a short story or flash fiction using your characters.

Here are three angles you can take:

A. Write a story to represent the song’s lyrics.

B. Write a story to showcase the meaning of the song.

C. Write a story showing how your characters would react if they had to create a music video for the song.

Hopefully, not only will this prompt help you connect with your creativity again, but it might even show you a new side to your characters!

So, did the prompt work? Did you like it? Dislike it? What song did you use? What type of story did you write? Let us know in the comments below!

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